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Kaunas cogeneration power plant: exceptional experience for engineers and cheaper energy production for residents

Kaunas cogeneration power plant: exceptional experience for engineers and cheaper energy...

The high-efficiency cogeneration power plant being built near Kaunas is one of the most complex objects under construction in Lithuania, with investments of about EUR 150 million in its construction. The construction site of the power plant is an engineering anthill, with engineers, installers and builders specializing in various fields from different European countries working in it.

The plan is to launch the power plant in the first half of 2020, and it is expected to produce about 40 percent of the total district heating demand of Kaunas, and about 170 GWh of electricity, which will be supplied to the Lithuanian national electricity transmission network.

Contractor organizations from nearly all of Europe currently work in the construction site. The construction site is also open to those interested and looking for knowledge or inspiration for future projects.

Contractors receive numerous requests from the engineering community to visit the construction site, and they are invited to watch the construction process live. Lithuanian engineers describe this power plant as an unconventional construction object with non-standard construction solutions, and say that construction of such complexity is very rare.

 “This is a unique object of interest to all construction engineers. The most advanced technologies and unique engineering solutions are used in the construction of the power plant. The size of the construction site, the concentration of different disciplines and the diversity of people working in it also leave an indelible impression”, says Vidas Šilinskas, Technical Director at Panevėžio Statybos Trestas.

The construction site of the Kaunas cogeneration power plant is also open to students who have the opportunity to gain exceptional knowledge and experience while observing construction works of an unusually large scope for Lithuania.

“As an engineering student, it is very interesting for me to watch dynamic construction works - everything is changing at the construction site every day. It is an object of impressive dimensions. Once I watched a crane lift a 50-tonne tank. It’s absolutely incredible”, said Valdas Paulius, a student of Civil Engineering at Kaunas University of Technology.

Big achievement for Lithuania

The power plant being built near Kaunas will ensure that 200 000 tonnes of waste remaining after sorting in the Kaunas region is rationally managed and converted into electricity and heat, instead of “burying” it in landfills -  the cogeneration power plant will produce as much as 40% of heat and about 170 GWh of electricity necessary for Kaunas city.

“The power plant is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies: waste conversion into energy, smoke cleaning and other equipment, which will ensure maximum efficiency and help solve waste management and pollution reduction issues. This project is an important achievement for Lithuania, as it allows us ranking among such advanced countries as Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Finland”, says Ramūnas Paškauskas, the CEO of Kaunas cogeneration power plant.

Back in 2014, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania declared the Kaunas CHP plant an economic project of national importance - this object will significantly contribute to the implementation of Lithuania’s environmental goals, cheaper heat production and energy independence.

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